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This application enables to study housing block or row houses configurations according to the shape and planning on the plot that you input and the type of dwellings that you choose. In addition, you can order the plans of the solutions that you chose. This service is not based on a library of plan types but a customized planning.

The application lets you size the different elements of the plan as facades, partition thicknesses, staircase types, etc.

In succesive screens you can select the number, form and position of the blocks or rows to project and the type of dwellings that composes them, according to its distribution and floors

You can request different configurations and block shapes or row houses and roadways planning, types and number of dwellings in the same ordering.

At the end of the process a final screen shows a summary with all the selected data to its planning: forms, number of dwellings, number of bedrooms and relative position in the plan.

When the order is finished and paid you will receive the plans within a 24 hours period in the format that you choose: dwg, dxf or pdf.

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